Seagull on a rock

Grey Headed Gull, Cape Vidal, South Africa

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      1. I don’t know if you’ve ever been the the UK, but there’s harbour town in south west England called St. Ives in which the seagull steal people’s fish and chips… so I’m sure you’re right! 😉

      2. Happens all along the coast in SA as well. Then again, my dad grew up in a mining town smack bang in the middle of the country, over six hundred kilometers from the nearest coastline, which had a native population of seagulls. Come break time the birds would be waiting on the rugby field for the kids to share their snacks with them.

      3. They do travel far and wide for their snacks! We get them here, too, and we’re in the middle of farming country. But here, their favourite snacks are earthworms – and other birds food.

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